Explore the leading furniture stores in Halifax! From antique to modern interiors, kitchen cabinets to kids' furniture, here you can find all you need for your home in Halifax, NS, Canada!

Furniture Stores Halifax

Are you new to Halifax and looking for a reliable store from which to purchase furniture? Or maybe you've been in the city for a while but never had to buy furniture until now. In any case, you know a few stores, you've seen several of them on your day to day engagements, but are they the best stores in the city? It is important to know the top furniture stores in Halifax, not least because they offer the best furniture around but also because there is no better place to shop at. Being a large city, Halifax houses hundreds of furniture stores. They may share similarities in that they provide furniture to the public, but that is as far as their similarities go. Some local stores have outdone the competition in the quality they avail to the customer, the variety of products they make available, their pricing, customer service and support, and terms of purchase. Altogether, these factors distinguish top stores from the masses.

Shopping in Halifax's top furniture stores is not something you want to do in a rush. There is so much to see in each showroom, you won't see an eighth of it if you go there with only 30 minutes to spare. Give yourself sufficient time to look through different furniture designs and models and compare them with each other before choosing which ones to buy. You may benefit more if you go 'window shopping' first before making any actual purchase. Use your window shopping experience to take note of the different types of furniture available, noting down the designs and models that catch your eye. Gauge these against the backdrop of your home to see how well they fit into your space. You will naturally be drawn to designs that you subconsciously find attractive, and that is very okay. One of the mistakes many people make when buying furniture is to go for the trending furniture of the day without giving thought to their style, personality or design preference. Once they take the furniture home, it no longer looks as radiant as it did in the store and, worse, they no longer feel any attraction or connection to it and will be looking to replace it or give it away in no time. This trendy furniture is there in plenty in top furniture stores. Avoid the trap of choosing what's current even when it doesn't suit your style by letting your instincts guide you. Choose furniture that is made in a style and design you find appealing and you're likely to appreciate the furniture more. The best thing about these stores is that they have a wide variety of furniture, which is also diverse enough to meet varying style preferences.

The best furniture stores in Halifax specialize in contemporary furniture. But a good number of these stores also offer both contemporary and traditional furniture, so knowing which style suits you best is a good starting point to narrowing down the number of stores you'll need to visit. Geddes Furniture is one of the best places you can buy furniture in Halifax. A company that has been in existence since 1982, Geddes uses solid woods to make its products, among them their famous Virginia North Carolina black cherry. Geddes products are sturdily built and bear the markings of excellent workmanship. Each of their furniture is well designed, with the pieces expertly joined together and finished to give a polished creative work. While the company specializes in custom living room, dining room, and occasional furniture, they also introduce original furniture, which interested buyers can check out each week. Lovers of antique items and rare, classic furniture will find Bellissimo a gem. One of the top antique dealers in the city, Bellissimo offers a range of unique antique furniture guarantee to add interest to any room. Their finds range from rustic tables and arm chairs to dressers, cabinets, and benches. Another top store offering British-inspired furniture is London Loft. If you've ever fantasized owning furniture with a subtle hint of Victorian elegance, you can make your dream come true at London Loft. Their range of fun furniture includes sofas, dining sets, beds, and a range to smaller accents. If you like the clean lines and geometric shapes of modern furniture but want to own something that is different from the mass produced designs replicated in major furniture shops, stop at Zephyr Rug and Home. Here, every little item is uniquely made and carries its own design print. Zephyr has the solution for elegant modern living and offers it through the most exquisite sofas, couches, and furniture sets. Their furniture is made in Canada, USA, and Italy.

A few of the large retail furniture chain stores can be counted among the top furniture stores in Halifax too. These are stores like Sears, Pier 1 Imports, La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery, and Leon's Furniture. They offer a large variety of modern furniture that perfectly complements contemporary lifestyle. Other furniture stores worth checking out in Halifax are Thornbloom, Project 9, Attics Furnishings, Bouclair Home, Style 52, Kvadro Furniture, Wicker Emporium, Manorhouse Furniture, Lane Home Furnishings, Ambience Home Accents, and Bedroom Depot. One trait all these stores have in common is providing unique, quality products. Most of the furniture you find in these stores is not available in any other store. The only downside to this is that you'll have to pay more for the furniture, but the exclusivity they bring to your rooms is worth the price.

Why should you buy furniture in Halifax' top stores? For some people, it does not matter where the furniture comes from, as long as it is functional and serves its purpose well. You can only hold this view until the $200 sofa you picked at an auction store breaks down just as you were planning to host a family get-together and you have no money to get a new one. Perhaps the sofa would still be in good shape if you had bought it at one of these top stores. The thing about shopping at top stores is that the quality of each product you pick is assured. These stores get their products from the leading furniture manufacturers in Canada and around the world. Inside the stores, only renowned brands and designers are listed and showcased. Even though these famous brands attract a higher price tag, it also means that the furniture you carry home with you is of utmost quality and has been carefully tested to ascertain its reliability and durability. Not all furniture sold in these stores is expensive though. They regularly display entry level furniture, which is made to similar quality standards as the more renowned designs, but sold at an affordable price. For anyone shopping on a budget, these entry level varieties are a good place to begin your search for furniture. You can also check out new products offered at introductory prices. Many leading furniture stores in Halifax offer new products at a lower price than the items would normally sell for, but only for a short period of time. Planning to make your purchase around this time can see you spend far less than you typically would on the same furniture.

To retain their appeal as the leading furniture stores, Halifax's top stores maintain a constant supply of an extensive variety of furniture. Some stores stick to one style, choosing to stock only contemporary furniture or traditional furniture. But many more will have several designs under each furniture style. Inside the latter, there will be sections for traditional, antique, contemporary, modern, classic, country, and urban furniture, among other well defined styles. The furniture under each category is sold either in singular pieces or in sets. Choose furniture sets to create a coordinated look in your home. For an eclectic mix that creates interest, choose individual furniture items in different designs.

Get the finest quality of decor pieces for your home or office by buying from the top stores in Halifax, Canada. These stores carry the leading brands of the world and source their furniture directly from the manufacturers or their authorized suppliers. Shopping in these stores gives you the advantage of choosing from thousands of products, hundreds of designs, and dozens of brands. Furniture ranges from cheap stock pieces to mid-priced semi custom sets and high end designer creations. Most stores give you the option to view the complete product range in each store at the company's showroom or website where all the furniture in stock is displayed. If satisfied with the items you've chosen, you can opt to complete the purchase online and the store will ship the furniture to you. If you prefer the old way of doing things, visit the showroom to finalize your purchase the good old way. However way you choose to pay for it, you will appreciate the good design, build, and finish of your furniture, whether it's a sofa, couch, dresser, dining set, coffee table, or bedroom set.